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Casa del Peregrino, Templo Votivo de Maipú

Architects: Luis Izquierdo W., Cristián Izquierdo L., Antonia Lehmann S.B.

Location: Costado sur del parque circundante al Templo Votivo de Maipú

Project: 2010

Private competition, First Prize.

The house for the Pilgrims has several places for the reception of visitors and offices, arranged in one story under the same roof and connected by a gallery surrounding a welcoming courtyard. The rooms are grouped into five closed units (receptions, offices, general services area, parlors and chapel), in between wich the surrounding gardens and central courtyard can be reached, preserving the continuity of the park and the valuable existing trees.
The articulating point is the circular courtyard with the Cross at its center, from wich the different rooms can be reached. From De la Patria Avenue this welcoming courtyard opens facing the main access, to the Virgin's Courtyard and the Votive Temple.

Therefore the House for the Pilgrims is a one story pavilion in a park, with no differentiated facades; a body bounded by and undulating ribbon wich in its development blends the buildings to the park and establishes a continous contour that at the same time shapes the major concavity of the Welcoming Courtyard and the secondary entrances to the garden.
All the rooms of the functional program are reached thorugh the gallery encircling the Welcome Courtyard, ensuring its condition as a place of encounter. These rooms were placed in a sequence leaving the Chapel on one end and on the other the information Room.
The Priest's residence was a also desinged as a one story, shaped layout, shaped to the corner where it's located but open to the park and towards the Temple, like the House for the Pilgrims.
The common rooms-vestibule, chapel,living,dining,dormitory corridor and external gallery-are fit under a roofing slab at 3,2 m, higher than that of the remaining rooms (bedrooms, library and service areas), placed on the outer face of the layout. The 75 cm set off between both roofing slabs opens a slot leaving the higher slab suspended in light.
From a courtyard open to the street on the corner, the entrance leads to a vestibule with direct access to the Chapel and on to the common rooms. In this manner due privacy and proper accessibility to the various rooms considered in the program in kept.


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