House of the Stair. Three flat terraces planted against the slope are connected by a central staircase that runs through the entire house.


Luis Izquierdo W.,  Antonia Lehmann S.B.
Luis Soler P. y Asociados (ingeniería estructural)

Santa María de Manquehue, Santiago de Chile
Built Surface
Project year

This house is on a hillside of 1,000 m2 of surface. Up is the sun of the north and the milestone of the Manquehue Hill. Down south, the view over the valley of Santiago.

It was projected for a family consisting of a couple of doctors and their two children. Their requirements were to arrange the living area and the bedroom sector separately. The first one with a separate dining room, kitchen and service room. The second one, a study room for the parents, a study room for children, plus two bedrooms with a bathroom. From a direct application of these program requirements to the inclined terrain, came up the symmetric solution of its two floor plans, with its axis consisting of stairs that connect the street level, the living and bedrooms.


It has been made to correspond, in the architectural subject, this implementation of the programme to the place in a way which makes patents (such as ritual) acts of ascending by a long staircase into a groove against the hill, turning, and finding yourself in venues opened to terraces suspended above the Valley. The terraces, which are gardens roofs generated by stepping levels, allow multiplying the usable, flat surface of the ground.

This, regarding as piece of architecture, is, as well as presents, a solution to the problem of living there, in such a place, in it.