House in Beranda. A rectangular box of three interconnected levels organizes its interior from a diagonal opened to the Northeast.


Luis Izquierdo W., Antonia Lehmann S.B.
Calculistas Claudio Valentín Hinojosa Tona, Construcción Alemparte Cía. Ltda.

Loteo Beranda, Cachagua, V Región 
Built Surface
362,91 m2
Project year

The House is situated in a land built on a golf court toward the East and Cachagua beach toward the west.

The project is worked from the inside like a rectangular box laid over the ground, parallel to the sea and the Cordillera de la Costa. The first intervention is a diagonal opened to the north-east view, which slightly rotates the public areas of the Cachagua beach house. This diagonal orders the outdoor garden forming a containment Wall towards the pool, protecting it from the south wind by the house and its garden.

The public area is organized in 3 spaccially continuous levels. In the 2nd floor the famiily room opened to the sea, to the 1st level living and to the dining room on the floor socket (level-1mt.,). This spatial continuity allows the sunlight reception throughout the day through windows and skylights.  The bedrooms of children and guests open in 2nd level to the East through a small window door. The master bedroom, works as a continuous space of living-sleeping-bearing and bathing, and is situated northward in a rotated cubic volume to avoid view to the neighbor.

Throughout the house, except by sockets and outer containment walls, is plastered white inside and outside, forming a continuous vacuum that prolongs the interior outward inside the original box, and then towards the distant landscape. There is a fluid and spatially unit journey through all levels of the house until the 3-floor terrace, sky slab continuous and discontinuous floor, adapting to the terrain levels.