House in Los Sauzales Street. A linear pavilion laid along the field is qualified by an undulating slab over the common areas.


Luis Izquierdo W.,  Antonia Lehmann S.B, Victor Jerez S..
Calculistas Pedro Araneda y Eugenio Pimentel, Construcción Jorge Gejman F. y compañía Ltda.

Lo Barnechea,
Santiago de Chile
Built Surface
458 m2
Project year

Carlos Eguiguren

The field, a flat site oriented towards the north with a 36 meters front, made it possible to hold the house on a floor between dividing walls, from the building line, letting bedrooms, living room and dining room open to the garden and orientate towards the north. The porches are held as garage, patio access and playground, closing it to the street in the maximum length supported by the lejislation. At the bottom of the terrain, the exterior works of pool, walls and pergolas hide the neighboring buildings, configuring the garden’s architectural boundaries, rather than the tambourine fencing.

The House has, in general, a slab of flat roof to a height of 2.44 meters, equal to the length of the formwork plates. It is inscribed in a rectangle that covers the entire width of the field, with cuts and punctures for incoming garden, patios and skylights. We differentiate the main space that contains the living room and dining room, roofing it with an ondulating slab, structurally able to fly without other supports on the terrace, resting on the inverted longitudinal beams of the flat roof, which frame the windows. Thus, these enclosures receive one greater height and an own quality, within a continuous spatial partitioning by a wall – folding – screen that contains the fireplace.

The house is built with walls of exposed masonry filled with reinforced concrete elements. Pillars, beams and slabs are of pigmented concrete in sight.