House in El Colibrí Street. Pavilion located on a semicircular terrace as a viewpoint that opens towards the Andes.



Luis Izquierdo W.,  Antonia Lehmann S.B.
Calculistas Luis Soler P. y Asociados, Construcción Marchetti

Vitacura, Santiago de Chile
Built Surface
983 m2
Project year

Roland Halbe

This is a large house for an older couple, designed to reunite their large family. It is located on the top of a hill, as a viewpoint, overlooking magnificent views of the Andes and the valley of the city of Santiago.

The living rooms, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom were located on a single floor, with no unevenness, along with the access courtyard. A basement plinth below the main level contains a game room and an indoor pool, with south facing views over the valley and town. On the same level, but in front of the house, is located a swimming pool with an outside seating area, with a circular patio that opens to the east towards the magnificent view of the Andes Mountains. This terrace is partially covered with a semicircular grassland, which forms a flat garden in front of the pavilion of the main floor of the house, as a lookout, highlighting the site’s geographical location.

The house was built in reinforced and pigmented concrete, with exposed finish and insulation and white paint on the interiors. It was made using a patented concrete construction system, developed by us, which consists of structural panels that integrate a rigid metallic mesh that is attached directly to the light plywood of the mold.