House in Huechuraba. Two bedroom flats and one of common areas are resolved in line under a continuous sky, over a floor slope


Luis Izquierdo W.,  Antonia Lehmann S.B, Victor Jerez S.
Calculistas Luis Soler P. y Asociados, Construcción Jorge Gejman F.

Huechuraba, Santiago de Chile
Built Surface
260 m2
Project year

This house is made in an area of 804 meters with 35 meters of front, oriented to the north, neighboring to the common area of a condominium that integrates community with other 4 lots in a subdivision at the foot of the hills of El Salto.

We projected a simple volume, elongated on the official line of the ground, with a wall of facade closed towards the south side and an open front to the north side, where is the garden of the house. Taking advantage of the gentle slope of the terrain, the slitting of the volume allows an organization of space in half floors. With normal heights in the overlapping floors of bedrooms, with parents’ bedrooms upon the childrens’, and one and a half height in the main living and dining room. All under the same level of cover in which structural framework of beams is projected in cantilever outward forming a wide eave pergola northward. Towards the south side, are aligned within a closed volume, roofing slab, the kitchen, the hallway of access and bathrooms.

The form and expression of the elements that compose the project correspond to their constructive nature; the bearing walls were executed in masonry brick in sight, pillars and beams in visible concrete, and laminated-pine-beam-framework exposed also.

Such correspondence, along with a volumetric simplicity made it possible to build a house with a good economic performance. The organization of the floor plan contributes importantly in this outcome, which allows the reduction to a minimum circulation areas for the benefit of the dimensions of the rooms. In addition, configure the main living room of maximum horizontal and vertical amplitude in which terrace, living room and dining room are joined.