House in Lago Ranco. A linear wooden pavilion with glued joints and homogeneous modulation opens to the view and encloses a garden behind it.


Luis Izquierdo W.,  Antonia Lehmann S.B.
Calculistas Luis Soler P. y Asociados, Construcción Oyarzo y Kramm

Lago Ranco, X Región, Chile
Built Surface
483 m2
Project year

Roland Halbe

This is an extended vacation home along the contour level of a hillside terrain with beautiful view  facing a lake in southern Chile. It is an open pavilion towards the lake in the north, with a strip terrace covered by an eave, and a glazed gallery symmetrically arranged by the south side, parallel to a longitudinal planted garden, formed by the retaining wall of the land in slope.

The pavilion has an exposed regular structure of laminated pine, protected with black primer. The structure consists in two lines of pillars of 19×19 cm. of section, distanced to 370 cm. from each other, with master beams of 19×34 cm. of section, embedded by carpentry laces, that support a grid of parallels beams of 9×34 cm, every 78 cm., and a flat waterproofed roof. Further down the beach, another similar pavilion was built, but smaller, which houses a barbecue and boat house.

The built volumes are inserted into the terrain without breaking into the landscape.