House in Lo Curro. A tower house facing the city and the mountains, dismember itself on stairs and terraces to merge in a park.


Luis Izquierdo W.,  Antonia Lehmann S.B
Calculistas Luis Soler P. y Asociados, Construcción Echeverría, Izquierdo, Ing.

Lo Curro, Santiago de Chile
Built Surface
400 m2
Project year

The land of 18.000 m2 is located in the foothills of the Manquehue Hill, with a wonderful South-East view over the Andes Mountain Range and a park planted 50 years ago. It has a height of 35 meters. between access and its top. The lower area of the site was maintained with streams and lakes as common condominium park; and 3 houses were placed in its highest and sunny land in individual lots of 1,200 meters approximately. The natural division between private gardens and Park is produced by the passage of a channel of irrigation, whose waters are used to irrigate the Park and feed the lagoons.

The ground has been leveled on terraces, forming plots of grass and sloping planted zones. The stone was chosen as a material in contact with the ground road, baseboard of the houses and garden walls. The road was traced along a ravine and with the maximum allowable slope.

This House was designed looking for the best views and sunlight, forming a triangular courtyard of vehicular access. The central volume is a tower of 3 floors plus baseboard closed to the North and opening towards the South (Santiago, Park and mountain range view). This succession of terraces – roof garden are connected with external stairs to the pool volume that tops off a platform circular forming a terrace. The Tower – House contains in successive levels: the underground, be master, the master bedroom and a workshop.

The 3 houses make up a tight construction of courtyards, corners, towers and intermediate bodies unified by the same construction axes and materials: exposed pigmented concrete in beams and columns, stucco walls and stone.