House in Vía Gris. A balconied counterslope volume over Santiago and the Andes mountain range is interconnected by a large central void.


Luis Izquierdo W.,  Antonia Lehmann S.B.
Calculistas Claudio Hinojosa T., Construcción Alcoy

Lo Curro, Santiago de Chile
Built Surface
400 m2
Project year

This house is located on the southern slope of cerro Manquehue, on a slope raised on West Santiago and the mountain range, on the side of a ravine with a forest of centenary Quillayes trees. The project is developed as a pier that moves from this promontory pending against south, freeing the maximum of surrounding terrain. This way the house is related to multi-level soil forming paths and terraces extending levels and natural terraces.  The house fits the slope with three levels of flats at the southern end and one in the far north, plus a large roof-terrace, which serves as a top optional access.

A large interior space vertically connects all levels through stairs and bridges.  This connector space emerges in the fourth level with a living room volume that accesses to the roof-terrace.  The interiors and exteriors are slightly white pigmented concrete. Sockets and exterior walls are clad in local rustic stone.  All the trees were preserved taking advantage in an architectural way as a mass from where the house emerges. At this level of roof – top – terrace, was avoided putting a railing that would have been a visual obstacle. It was replaced with a water mirror of 1.20 m wide which makes edge facing the landscape, reflects the sky and filles the inside with changing and moving lights.