House in Huentelauquén. Volume buried at the edge of a plateau, whose aligned enclosures are flipped into the sea horizon.


Luis Izquierdo W.,  Antonia Lehmann S.B.
Calculistas Luis Soler P. y Asociados, Construcción Alemparte.

Punta Caracoles,
IVRegión, Chile
Built Surface
350 m2
Project year

Luis Izquierdo

This holiday home is located in a rural piece of land in the locality of Huentelauquén, in the Fourth Region, facing the sea, on the edge of a plateau swept by wind, raised forty meters above the beach. It was placed along that horizontal border line, and buried in the plain of the plateau in order to disappear, of which only stand out five chimneys like lookouts before the sea. In the floor plan the enclosures are aligned, all flipped towards the maritime horizon. They are settled in a bar, distant to the retaining wall, in order to allow a patio in its back, sheltered of the wind. The living room and dining room are open on both sides along its length, with a pair of corrals of large windows, suspended between the ocean horizon and the excavated earth from the patio. In turn, from the patio, which is the main room of the house, opens the horizon through the double corridor window of the living room. They communicate on the interior with this living room, the master bedroom with its bathroom, on the one hand, and the kitchen with the service rooms, on the opposite side. The entrance to the four bedrooms of children and guests, displayed in series, is from the outside roof of the gallery that runs through the courtyard.

Under the floor of the living room and the dining room was placed another living room, continuous with a terrace open to the sea. This is accessed from the inner courtyard down a staircase that crosses the house. Since this terrace in front of the living room is displayed on the lower floor, the visual angle is not interrupted from the main room to the shoal, covering with a sight the entire sea, from the horizon to the beach.