House Atelier. Regular volume of 2 floors opened to the north, facing a garden terrace which houses a painting workshop under it.


Luis Izquierdo W.,  Antonia Lehmann S.B.
Calculistas Luis Soler P. y Asociados, Construcción Jarco Ltda.

Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
Built Surface
583 m2
Project year

The project was developed occupying several levels of land according to the program commissioned: A workshop house for a painter and his family. Next to the vehicular access from the street and under the garden of the house that is built upwards on the slope of the land, is located the painting workshop, with its cellars and desk. This workshop should be an enclosed area, of 9.5m x 9.5m x 4.75m, with a constant and artificial lighting, plus a ray of sun falling on the ground from a natural skylight, encouraging the space and being a testimony of the trace of time. The skylight emerges on the roof-garden as a sculpture in front of the surrounding landscape.

The house itself develops in the upper part of the land. A vehicular ramp communicates the street with a south patio of access at the highest level of the land. From there you enter the house: a regular volume of 2 floors with receipts and services downstairs and bedrooms upstairs. This is a porous “box”. It has double height in the access and in the covered terrace (like loggia palladiana), communicating spatially both levels. All the main enclosures open towards the north that coincides with the view of the valley of La Dehesa, on a terrace-garden corresponding to the roof of the workshop.