DUOC Viña del Mar. Three volumes are connected through a perimeter gallery forming a square patio as the center of the project.


Luis Izquierdo W., Antonia Lehmann S.B., Rodrigo Searle G.
Luis Soler P. y Asociados (ingeniería estructural)

Viña del Mar, Chile
Built Surface
4.439 m²
Project year

Luis Izquierdo

The design of this project was determined by three conditions. Firstly, the irregular terrain which in one hand, contains a narrow strip with a steep slope that receives a natural ravine with thick vegetation, and on the other, a wider area also with large trees that leads to the street and includes an existing house. Second, the solution of the program which, including the recycling of this house, required independent buildings with the possibility of relating to each other. Third, it seemed advisable a design where primal austerity as a value that the institution wanted to project, in addition to maintaining the unity of the whole.

We chose to locate the buildings on the sides of the plot, delimiting a park to the center that ascends the slope up the ravine. A long pavilion was set aside against the slope that begins with four floors to finish in two. Its perimeter structure allows the interior flexibility necessary to accommodate different sizes of classrooms. To the other, a building half-buried against the slope that houses a casino and library, mediating between the existing house and the west slope of the ravine. To the bottom of the plot and perpendicular to this building, a pavilion of classrooms that cross like a bridge over the ravine was arranged, forming a square and flat patio of 30 x 30 meters, which is the center of the project. The building is structured on longitudinal concrete beams, supported at its ends and some intermediate points on inclined cylindrical pillars, which discharge at the edges of the ravine, freeing the center to form a continuous garden until the end of the terrain.