El Golf Building. Volume of 7 heights whose structure concentrates in the facades, generating vertical windows skewed of the height of the building.


Luis Izquierdo W.,  Antonia Lehmann S.B, Raimundo Lira V., José Domingo Peñafiel E.
Luis Soler P. y Asociados (ingeniería estructural)

Av. Isidora Goyenechea N° 3356, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
Built Surface
2.200 m2
Project year

This project consists in an office free floor space building with 7 floors and a commercial local at street level, in a narrow site of 900 m2, in an incipient neighborhood of offices. Given the simple organization of the program (a stairwell and elevators, located at the center of the typical plant, leads to the access of two offices of approximately 155 m2 per floor), we pose architectural problem in the solution of the structure and the shape of the envelope of the building, adjusted to the normative gradient and critical distances. In the urban context of formal and volumetric chaos in which it was located, we wanted to define the body of the building as a regular parallelepiped with a symmetrical structure, determined by a reasonable optimization of the constructibility of the terrain.

The north and south facades are formed by a thick grid of pillars and beams, symmetrical on both sides. To the south, facing the street, the windows are arranged flush with the grid. To the north, facing the neighbors, they are contained. Towards the east and west, given the proximity of lateral boundaries, plus their conditions of sunlight in relation to the use of offices, the longer lateral facades and the most characteristical of the building were conceived as structural view deviation, with skewed vertical windows and side bearing walls, revealing to the exterior the vertical structure of the project.

The structure of the building is of reinforced concrete and is arranged perimetrally in the volume, without obstructing the interior plants. The concrete was left in sight, matching the appearance of the structural expression of the building.