La Villa Building. Volume of 4 heights formed by apartments settled in duplex that open towards the hill El Plomo.


Luis Izquierdo W., Antonia Lehmann S.B.
Luis Soler P. y Asociados (ingeniero estructural)

Lo Barnechea, Santiago de Chile

Built Surface
1.795,61 m² totales (12 departamentos de 140 m²)
Project year

This project was built in an interior site of La Villa Road, near to La Dehesa entrance by Avda. Las Condes, with a ​​5.070 m2 surface, irregularly shaped, and a bottom crossed by Estero Las Hualtatas, opened to the north -east.

The building consists in twelve apartments settled in duplex, with 140 m. of interior surface, that contain a standard program and a wide terrace with sight on the estuary and the solid hill El Plomo.

The duplex solution allows a three dimensional spatiality impossible to achieve in a single ground plan, typically of minimal height, venting the vertical dimension with double heights, which, associated with a work of natural light that is introduced to the interior by skylights and entrances of the volume, gives these departments the quality of a home.

The duplex floor plans allow the concentration of the circulations in a minimum surface, in benefit of the size of the enclosures contained in the 140 m.

On the other hand, the solution of two overlapping duplex, which add up to the four floors in height of the volume, is adequate to the implantation in the slope of the ground, because it allows access to the departments from the intermediate level in which the access patio is, going up or down stairs without the need for an elevator, which offers a more direct relationship between the interior space and the exterior garden than that given in the usual typology of residential buildings.