Local VTR. Cubic volume of 10 meters edge lengh, illuminated and with minimal repertoire of materials, like a silence in the middle of the urban stridency.


Luis Izquierdo W., Antonia Lehmann S.B., Rodrigo Searle G.
Fernando Salcedo (ingeniería estructural)

Gran Avenida, San Miguel, Santiago, Chile
Built Surface
220 m²
Project year

Guy Wenborne

This proyect, along with other similar commissions, form a group of commercial premises that the company VTR has conceived to concentrate in each one of them services of sale, payments, attention to customers, call center and administrative offices. In this case, the plot contained in its back, a house of one floor, that has been remodeled for administrative offices. Going forward, in the free space between the existing house and the street Gran Avenida, a cubic volume has been conceived with a 10 meters edge length, built in masonry block sandblasted glass.

The cube is pierced by two steel beams that indicate the access, contain a slab also in glass blocks and spliced ​​with the existing house on the first floor. To the side of this circulation is projected the slab of the second floor, the baths and the vertical circulation. On the other side a double height is generated which releases the glass facade and its recessed metal structure that supports it, in order to achieve a clean surface, without shadows and homogeneously illuminated at night.

The elements for the public use on the first floor have been conceived in noble and resistant materials such as exposed concrete, granite, sanded glass and unfolded metal mesh, ensuring their durability over time. In response to the abuse of forms, textures, colors and lights typical of a commercial street, it was decided not to contribute to the saturation of these resources. The project stands out from the existing chaos with a simple, luminous and minimal repertoire of materials, producing a silence in the middle of the urban stridency.