Plaza del Poeta. Stone amphitheater crossed by a path of water, which forms the access of La Chascona.



Luis Izquierdo W., Antonia Lehmann S.B (Proyecto), Gabriel Robles, León Rodríguez y Jaime Márquez (Anteproyecto)

Barrio bellavista, Santiago de Chile
Project year
1989-1990 (Anteproyecto)
1996-1997 (Proyecto)

Plaza del Poeta forms the access of La Chascona, residence of Pablo Neruda, and connects pedestrianly its street of entrance with the street Chucre Manzur, 3 m. above, where he used to park his car. The project builds this unevenness through an amphitheater of stone and water, two fundamental materials in the nerudian imaginary. Upstairs, an upper platform joins the pathway, mediated by 6 illuminated columns, inscribed with the poem “Pido silencio”, and a fountain that feeds a water course that crosses the whole square. Behind it stands a steep gradient made of stone from El Sauce solid edged. Stonecutters are disposed between each block of seats, where water escapes as small waterfalls, and temper the environment until reaching the lower platform, where is a multipurpose stage, and a well of water, which splices with the entrance to the home.