House in Coique

This guest pavilion is located on the side of a vacation home facing lake Ranco, in southern Chile. The project is conceived as a pavilion to contemplate the forest, composed of two overlapping floors that exhibit both similarity and divergence between its parts.

The off-center arrangement of the staircase minimizes the circulation between the bedrooms, qualifies a larger space in the common area and makes the harmonic difference between the two floors evident. While the structure of the bedrooms and the staircase make explicit the mismatches of the triangular composition, the vertical modulation of the horizontal carpentry coincides in the boxes and the glazed enclosure, masking different materials and shapes in a common module. The univocal order of the circle and the multiple order of the triangle have as many fractures as points of contact. 


Cristián Izquierdo L.


Pablo Irarrázabal


Lago Ranco, Región de Los Ríos, Chile



Built surface

137 m2

Structural engineer

Osvaldo Peñaloza


Roland Halbe