House in Matanzas

This house is located on the edge of a windy ravine facing the Pacific Ocean. The project is conceived as a centralized pavilion to take refuge from the landscape, and a terrace to contemplate it. The pavilion gradually opens to the outside mediated by patios, whereas the terrace is panoramically suspended over the horizon. Both are superimposedalmost without touching, preserving their formal integrity.

The ceiling of the central living area is higher than the rest. It is structured by a wooden grid that tapers to its ends as its load decreases and it perforated by 176 skylights that lights up the room like an outdoor space. Above it, a terrace radically exposes the aspects of the landscape that the pavilion below suppresses.


Cristián Izquierdo L.


Angela Koch


Matanzas, VI Región de O'Higgins, Chile


2016 - 2018

Built surface

178 m²


Roland Halbe