El Golf office building

This project is an open floor plan office building of 7 floors, and a commercial space at street level, on a narrow site of 900 m2, located in an emerging office neighborhood. Due to the simple program (a stairwell and elevators, located at the center of the typical floor plan), we set the architectural problem in the structure and shape of the volume, adjusted to the urban regulations. In the urban context of formal and volumetric chaos in which it stands, we wanted to achieve a regular parallelepiped, with a symmetrical structure, determined by a reasonable optimization of the constructability of the site.


Luis Izquierdo W. - Antonia Lehmann S.B. - Raimundo Lira V. - José Domingo Peñafiel E.


Las Condes, Santiago, Chile



Built surface

2.200 m2

Structural engineer

Luis Soler P. y Asociados


Luis Izquierdo W.