Golf de Manquehue Housing building

This extended building consists of a horizontal sequence of duplex apartments over smaller flats, with its two faces clearly differentiated. Towards the North-East each unit is identified by a porticoed balcony facing a park in front of the magnificent horizon of the Andes. Towards the South-West its back stays closed by a wall with discrete windows facing the street of a garden city neighborhood. An interior parking street allows direct access to the back of each apartment, while the pedestrian access is through a pathway over the park in front.

The whole work is made of reinforced concrete, exposed in pillars and beams of porticoes frames, coated in walls and cladded in stone in all retaining walls of the basement.


Luis Izquierdo W., Antonia Lehmann S.B, Cazú Zegers García


Tito Figari, Jorge Wachholtz (estructura), Teresa Moller R. (paisajismo)


Loteo Golf de Manquehue, Santiago, Chile



Built surface

8.144 m²


Guy Wenborne