House in Lomas Suaves, El Arrayán

The living and access room is arranged as a single glazed volume that shares the 360˙ panoramic views of the access platform, acting as a spatial link between the upper floor and the basement. All the other rooms are located below on the first floor with a roof slab that supports the upper platform. The circulation on this floor is developed along the retaining wall that curves around the hilltop. As opposed to the upper level, where one is referred to the air and distance, on the lower level, the contact is with the immediate mass of the earth contained by the curved exposed concrete wall.


Luis Izquierdo W. - Antonia Lehmann S.B.


Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile


1984 - 1985

Built surface

260 m2

Structural engineer

Luis Soler P. y Asociados


Luis Izquierdo W.